For more than 25+ years, my passion has been food, people and entertainment.  How can I bring what I love to the masses?  What should I call this company? As I observed people enjoying my food, I noticed that plates were licked clean and pots were emptied from family and friends going back for seconds.  So, in July of 2019, No Leftovers Catering & Cakes was born!

Not only does the name “No Leftovers” mean something in my world of food, it also symbolizes my new outlook on life.  For years, I have battled with depression and anxiety. This voyage has brought procrastination, doubt and fear.  Food became my escape therapy. It opened my eyes to the real me.  Cooking and creating stopped my brain from the negativity. It breathes life and passion into my food and cakes, and ultimately,  in to you…….my client.

I no longer leave my talents on my “plate” to spoil.  No more leftovers! It is my ambition and goal to aspire….. to reach you through my food and my story.

From the smallest personal gathering……to the biggest…..most amazing wedding, No Leftovers steps up to the challenge of bringing you exciting and delicious flavors, relationships, and creative designs pleasing to your palate!